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Insight Timer- Meditation App

Meditation App

When it comes to Apps, gadgets and gizmos that can be used as aids to therapist, I hold myself as the James Bond of the therapist community.  INSIGHT TIMER-MEDITATION APP is a must have for therapist who include Mindfulness and Meditation in their practice.

Insight Timer is a free app bought to us by the Insight Network Inc.  This app is a choc-full of goodies.  With Insight timer you have an entire meditation community at your finger tips with hundreds of teachers with guided meditations that you can simply play in session to send you and your client to a place of nirvana.

Some other benefits given by the manufacturer are:

– Integration with Apple Health’s Mindful Minutes
– A new stats module that works offline with updated progress charts based on Time, Session, Activity type (meditation, yoga, tai chi etc), and a new “All Time” tab which starts at your first session – not just the last 10 months

Yes, that app gives you actual stats of how consistent you or your client is with their meditation practice that provides for good conversation regarding the distractions if any get in the way or achieving the benefits of meditation.

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